Senior Agent Snyder

Agent Training


Status: Active
Clearance: Deep Blue/White
Age: 63
Gender: Male
Techniques: Meditation & Skills

Snyder is known throughout the Company as its toughest trainer. He’s also an anomaly; the oldest agent in the Company. {CLASSIFIED} When he was active in the field, his no-nonsense attitude and extreme methods were the stuff of Company legend. Though no longer sent out on assignments, Snyder hasn’t changed a whit. Recruits placed under his care can learn a log, but the grizzled ex-Mystery Agent demands only the best from his students. Snyder’s age and current status owe to a previous retirement age of 65. He enjoys telling new recruits that in his time, “retirement” was a single-malt scotch and a bullet to the back of the head. He says it as though it’s a joke, but he never laughs. Snyder was re-assigned to Special Company Services (SCS) and enjoys the unique status of having dual security clearance.
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Senior Agent Snyder

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