Interview Instructions

Perspective Agents should be selected for recruitment based on the following factors: Important Objectives:
  • Personal hygiene Find Sirius, Age Six.
  • Willingness to experiment Find the Girl
  • Cooperative and positive mindset Find Agent Miner
  • References from an existing Mystery Agent INFORMATION MISSING
  • Prior demonstration of excellence in related activities Stop the Spidermen

Failure to meet one or more of these criteria may be grounds for refusal of their application. Should the applicants be deemed suitable, the process may commence. After interview and orientation are completed, the Agents should be escorted to the briefing room for pre-dive preparation and information. The subject will already be on the Slab, prepped, doped, and dropped. Agent Miner found something in Blue City.

Each prospective Agent should be given one (1) record sheet and one (1) writing implement, preferably a No. 2 pencil. Do not allow electronic devices in the area as they represent a distraction and security risk. Do not allow food or drink in the application area (these may be provided and/or consumed upon completion). Agent Baxter knows something about Miner

Control will need at least two (2) six-sided dice and two (2) ten-sided dice. Agents are allowed to bring their own dice but may not use them until their applications are processed by Control. Application should be designated Agent 1, Agent 2, etc. until Pseudonyms are established. I know what you’re doing, Duke.

You may begin when ready. There WAS an Agent Cook

Interview Instructions

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