Mentor Agents

Agent Gardiner

Status: KIA
Clearance: Blue
Age: 26
Gender: Male
Techniques: Achievement & Skills

Agent Gardiner was killed a year after accepting his Mentoring position. Details on his death remain classified. Although the events surrounding Gardiner’s death remain classified, the investigation into his death was suspended and the case closed.

Senior Agent Chambers

Status: KIA
Clearance: Deep Blue
Age: 38
Gender: Female
Techniques: Training & Assets

Chambers was killed in the line of duty during a botched engagement with an HP. Her body lapsed into a coma and she was declared brain dead; her feeding tube was removed soon thereafter and she died in her sleep. She was a skilled operative and was well-liked within the ranks of Mystery Agents.
This isn’t right.

Special Agent Miner

Status: MIA
Clearance: Deep Blue
Age: 32
Gender: Male
Techniques: Endurance & Cover

Senior Agent Miner disappeared while on special assignment in Deep Blue. Control has tried him in absentia for various breaches in departmental protocol and any prior association with Special Agent Miner is viewed with suspicion. {CLASSIFIED} Unfortunately, this event extends to new recruits that worked with Agent Miner. His case continues to be under investigation.

Chief Agent Wagner

Status: Deceased
Clearance: Deep Blue (revoked)
Age: 59
Gender: Male
Techniques: Training & Skills

Chief Agent Wagner was retired from the Company after a bout with clinical depression. The twice-decorated agent was a respected member of the Company known for his patience and dedication. Chief Agent Wagner died of heart failure shortly before public release of this document.
Ask Snyder about retirement.

Senior Agent Snyder

Status: Active*
Clearance: Deep Blue/White
Age: 63
Gender: Male
Techniques: Meditation & Skills

Snyder is known throughout the Company as its toughest trainer. He’s also an anomaly; the oldest agent in the Company. {CLASSIFIED} When he was active in the field, his no-nonsense attitude and extreme methods were the stuff of Company legend. Though no longer sent out on assignments, Snyder hasn’t changed a whit. Recruits placed under his care can learn a log, but the grizzled ex-Mystery Agent demands only the best from his students. Snyder’s age and current status owe to a previous retirement age of 65. He enjoys telling new recruits that in his time, “retirement” was a single-malt scotch and a bullet to the back of the head. He says it as though it’s a joke, but he never laughs. Snyder was re-assigned to Special Company Services (SCS) and enjoys the unique status of having dual security clearance.
What was that?

Senior Agent Baxter

Status: Active
Clearance: Blue (Formerly Deep Blue)
Age: 46
Gender: Female
Techniques: Meditation & Cover

Senior Agent Baxter is an amiable member of the mystery Agents with years of experience under her built. As head of the operation in which Special Agent Miner went AWOL, she was investigated by the directorate and found not guilty of misconduct. Despite her exoneration, the Directorate revoked her Deep Blue Clearance, a fact that may have slanted her views on Company policy. Senior Agent Baxter is noted for innovative training techniques that have only recently been adopted by the Special Company Services.

Agent Duke

Status: Active
Clearance: Green (Formerly Blue)
Age: 29
Gender: Male
Techniques: Endurance & Assets

Agent Duke works in CME (Cursome Mnemonic Exploration) and is known for his clever and quick wit. Although trained under Chief Agent Wagner to work in Blue City as a Mystery Agent, an incident while on the Slab caused Agent Duke to involuntarily eject form the mission. Subsequent re-insertion proved impossible for mysterious reasons. Duke isn’t especially bitter about the change in his clearance. He finds CME work challenging in a different way, one that thanks advantage of his perceptive nature.
He knows more then he knows.

Vice-Director Forester - Don’t trust him.

Status: Active
Clearance: White
Age: 43
Gender: Male
Techniques: Achievement & Assets

Vice-Director Forester is the highest-ranking active operative within the Company. Although Vice-Director Forester seldom ventures out on assignments, he maintains contact with even the lowest-ranking members of the Mystery Agents.

Mentor Agents

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