You found it. I knew you would. Hopefully it isn’t too late. My name is Darius Alan Rutger but it is more likely that you know me as Agent Duke. I’ve hidden this page away from the main Company files and have hoped that you would read it. Yes, you specifically Agent.

I was trained under Chief Agent Wagner but I came to know him as Carl Morgan Drexler in our off time. Carl was a good man. His death wasn’t from a heart attack but I don’t know what it was from. Something is being covered up. Something is being hidden from us. Of course, I am sure you’ve already figured it out.

I don’t know what Carl found or what he was on to but I trust you to find out. The Company did something to me. I don’t know what but for some reason I can’t be inserted anymore. I was in mid-mission when Agents with Black Clearance approached me. I was instructed to drop everything i was doing and to go with them. Then we encountered the Spidermen. It twisted my Lacuna Device and then I ejected. I don’t know what the device did but now I can’t go back to Blue City.

Find out what Carl was investigating. Find out what is going on in Blue City. Just do it all before Vice-Director Forester finds out. I think he had a hand in Carl’s death.


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