Status Reports

You must remember to file your fortnightly status reports on any missions that were undertaken during the previous fourteen day period. Agents who fail to file status reports do not qualify for their weekly vacation periods and may find that lost attribute points are not recovered between missions.

Filing a status report has never been easier either. Simply log into our system here and click on the the inappropriately named “Adventure Log”. There is a button that reads “Create New Post” that you will then click to bring up the Status Report system. The following is a breakdown of the fields and options presented and the proper way to file a status report.

Title: Your title should read “Pseudonym – Clearance Level – Status Report Number”. Your Pseudonym and Clearance Level should be known to you. Your Status Report Number is incremental starting with #001 if this is your first Status Report. An example of a proper Status Report Title is: “Duke – Green – #473”. Failure to fill out the title entry warrants suspension of weekly vacation time.
Wiki Page Name: Simply leave this black. The system will take care of it for you. Failure to leave the wiki page name entry blank warrants suspension of weekly vacation time.
Tagline: The Tagline should include a list of insertion points for missions undertaken in the previous fourteen days. Each insertion point should be listed in chronological order separated by a comma and no other punctuation should be used. An example of a proper Status Report Tagline is: “Baxter, Glass, Diamond Square”. Failure to fill out the tagline entry warrants suspension of weekly vacation time.
Body: This is the main body of your status report. Please file anything that happened both on and off the Slab that involves the Company. There are no guidelines or regulations for formatting of the Body section but we kindly ask that you keep it simple. Headlines are acceptable but not required. In addition to the benefit of vacation time, Agents are also allowed to make clear a single comment that they feel is 100% true. This comment must be underlined, this is the only formatting requirement for the Body section. If multiple comments are underlined (including headlines) then all underlined comments will be disregarded. Comments are reviewed by Control for approval and approved comments move forward as facts. Failure to fill out the body entry warrants suspension of weekly vacation time.
Post Time: Every post should be listed as the Saturday of the previous Agent Meeting with a timestamp of 00:00. Failure to correct the Post Time entry warrants suspension of weekly vacation time.
Tags: Tags are optional. Further information on Tagging is classified.

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Status Reports

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